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Door Hustle is here to make your historic doors look great again. Whether you're looking to return it to its former glory or you want to give it a fresh new look we're here to make it happen!

Please note, Door Hustle is a part-time side hustle of a business. With that, we are selective in the projects that we book.



Current finish looking a bit rough or want a new color? We'll sand the door down to raw wood and start from scratch to ensure a beautiful new finish.



Sometimes over the years layers of paint have made it so you can no longer see the beautiful grain of the door, or made the surface uneven or just down right unfortunate! We'll strip the paint off, sand to raw wood, and start from scratch to give you a smooth paint finish that still shows the beauty of the wood.



Want to reveal the wood that has been covered with paint? We'll do a full strip down, sand to raw wood, and get that door beautifully stained.

*You never know what is hiding under the paint. There may be too much damage to the wood to be able to stain the door. We'll always let you know and reevaluate in those situations.


Door Hustle is happy to do minor repairs while refinishing your door.


In order to keep your family safe, we can replace your old plate glass with up to code tempered safety glass.


We'll fill in old mortise blocks and install modern door hardware. If you're keeping your old hardware, we can also strip and polish and get them looking good as new!


Need a new storm door to protect your beautifully refinished door? Door Hustle is happy to install a new Fox Weldoor storm door for you. *Service only available for clients who have had Door Hustle refinish doors.

Door Hustle proudly uses General Finishes & Fusion Mineral Paint products for our refinishing work.

  • Do you need to take my door off-site?
    Yes, we require that we are able to take your door off-site. Our shop is where we'll have the best opportunity to refinish and bring your door back to life!
  • How long does it take to refinish my door?
    It all depends on the door, what all is being done, if there is repair work, and the level of detail work that needs attention. On average doors can take 1-3 weeks.
  • If you're taking an exterior door, will Door Hustle close up the entry?"
    We do offer board-up services at an additional cost. Most of our clients who have storm/security doors that lock opt to just cover the inside with paper to not allow people to see inside. Please note, Door Hustle is NOT liable for the security of your home even if we provide board-up services.
  • Will you do work on my door jambs?
    Yes! We do offer refinishing of exterior door jambs. Please note, there will be an extra on-site work fee and we will only do this work in warmer months.
  • Does Door Hustle refinish moldings?
    Yes! As long as we're able to take them with us, we're happy to give your moldings some love as well. Door Hustle will not remove or re-install moldings so this needs to be done by the client or a different contractor.
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